*********** BROWSER SETTINGS **********

Problem : Slow response / Page cannot be displayed / Active X control failed to Load message is displayed
or not able to acess the site, not able to sign the transactions then What should I do ?

Answer. : Check network speed , connectivity ,scan PC with latest antivirous
go to IE-------->tools--------> Internet options------->general--------> Browsing history---------> delete

check on Delete cookies , Delete files , Clear history and press delete Pls check your System date and time. That has to be current date and time. close browser
Connect the internet properly

Open new browser check the login , if problem is not solved proceed further

Do browser settings as under

URL to be used for login
For Transnet NSDL ( 8 digit client id )

For Transnet CDSL ( 16 digit client id starting with 1601?????????)

or use following URL
www.shcil.com -----> Select type ----> Transnet NSDL / Transnet CDSL ---> go

Not able to Login or probelm in signing transactions then

a) If you are using 32-bit operating system then download SnorkelClientSuite32.zip in a folder,unzip and double click to execute it



b) If you are using 64-bit operating system then download SnorkelClientSuite64.zip in a folder,unzip and double click to execute it

Try now with fresh log in


c) If you have to problem at down loading Digital signature file then please down load following file at your desktop , double click it and install



Still facing any problem call us on 022 - 6177 8047 , 022-6177 8038 or send email to shciltransnet@gmail.com along with details