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National Pension System-Corporate Model provides a platform for the employers to extend the old age social security benefits to their employees and co-contribute for their pension. Employers get tax benefits on their contribution to the employees National Pension System account. Furthermore, employees will get an additional tax benefit of ₹50,000/- on their tax

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  • Entities registered under Companies Act and various Co-operative Acts
  • Central Public Sector Enterprises
  • State Public Sector Enterprises
  • Registered Partnership firm and Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)
  • Anybody incorporated under any act of Parliament or State legislature or by order of Central / State Government
  • Proprietorship Concern
  • Trust/Society

Types of National Pension System accounts

Tier I:

Employer / Employee can contribute for retirement into this non-withdrawal account. Income Tax benefits as per the Income Tax Act, 1961 are available for both employer and employee contributions.

Tier II:

This is a voluntary savings facility, where the subscriber can avail fund management facility at low cost. Subscribers are free to withdraw amount from this account as per their wish. However, the tax benefits are not applicable to Tier II account.


Corporate National Pension System platform allows these variations of contributions:

  1. Equal contributions by employer and employee
  2. Unequal contribution by the employer and the employee
  3. Contribution from either the employer or the employee

Pension Fund Choice

The money collected through National Pension System is managed by fund managers appointed by the PFRDA. They primarily invest the NPS funds in three asset classes – Equities (E), Corporate Bonds (C) and Gilt Funds (G).
National Pension System offers an investor two choices - Active Choice and Auto Choice

Active Choice

Under the Active Choice, the investor can choose the proportion of investment in three asset classes E, C, or G in his own. However, the PFRDA does not permit to invest more than 50% in Equity class.

Auto Choice

Under the Auto Choice, the allocation in the asset classes is made after considering the age of an investor. The higher the age of the person the lower is the investment allocation into equities.

Steps to join

  • Corporate ties-up with StockHolding by signing MOU

  • Corporate submits the CHO-1 Form to StockHolding

    New corporate registration form

  • StockHolding captures the data of the corporate and submits the form to Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA)

  • CRA registers the Corporate in the CRA system and allots “Corporate Registration Number”(CRN) to the Corporate

  • Employees fill-up & submit CSRF 1 forms with required KYC Documents to Corporates (employer).

  • Corporate verifies the employment details and sends these forms to the attached POP

  • POP does KYC verification and sends data and forms to CRA

  • CRA registers the employees and generate a unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN)

  • PRANs are dispatched to employees


  • Low cost Investment

    The investment cost is very low as compared to other investment products available in the market

  • Flexible

    The employer can have the option to select the investment choice for all its employees or may give the option to the employees. The employees have the option to choose from an assortment of asset classes (Equity, Corporate Debt & Government Securities) and can have the freedom to invest in a variety of Pension Funds

  • Online Access- Round the clock

    Riding on a highly efficient technological platform National Pension System provides online access to accounts to the subscribers

  • Regulated

    The funds are managed by Pension Funds appointed and actively monitored and regulated by PFRDA, the Regulator set up through an Act of Parliament

  • Portable

    The National Pension System can be operated from anywhere in the country even if one changes the job location or the job itself

  • Tax incentives

    Tax benefits are available on both employee and employer contributions. The employee can save tax on his own contribution [u/s 80 CCD (1) of Income Tax Act 1961] as well as the contribution made by employer [u/s 80 CCD (2)]

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Disclaimer - Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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