National Pension System-Corporate Model provides a platform for the employers to extend the old age social security benefits to their employees and co-contribute for their pension. Employers get tax benefits on their contribution to the employees National Pension System account. Furthermore, employees will get an additional tax benefit of 50,000/- on their tax

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National Pension System brings about the following advantages for the employers and the employees

Low cost Investment

The investment cost is very low as compared to other investment products available in the market


The employer can have the option to select the investment choice for all its employees or may give the option to the employees. The employees have the option to choose from an assortment of asset classes (Equity, Corporate Debt & Government Securities) and can have the freedom to invest in a variety of Pension Funds

Online Access- Round the clock

Riding on a highly efficient technological platform National Pension System provides online access to accounts to the subscribers


The funds are managed by Pension Funds appointed and actively monitored and regulated by PFRDA, the Regulator set up through an Act of Parliament


The National Pension System can be operated from anywhere in the country even if one changes the job location or the job itself

Tax incentives

Tax benefits are available on both employee and employer contributions. The employee can save tax on his own contribution [u/s 80 CCD (1) of Income Tax Act 1961] as well as the contribution made by employer [u/s 80 CCD (2)]
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