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StockHolding helps Banks, corporates, PF Trusts, individuals, institutions, State Governments, NRIs, OCBs, FIIs to open a Constituent Subsidiary General Ledger (CSGL) account to facilitate investments in Government securities and treasury bills.



Invest in Government Securities and Treasury Bills under the strict guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India.

Quick Payments

Periodic coupon payments are automatically credited to the SB/CD account of constituents. Securities are credited to the gilt account on the value date of purchase/allotment. Delay in transfer of securities is fully eliminated. Periodic interest and redemption amount are credited to the fund account on due dates.

Peace of mind

No risk of theft, fraud, misappropriation or loss as the holdings are in DEMAT form. Statement of Balance is available on demand. Delivery and settlement is guaranteed by CCIL
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