We pioneered custodial services in India in 1988. Since then we have grown substantially and manage an AUC of approximately USD 530 billion of which USD 229 Billion is institutional assets. Today, our services cater to a diverse set of investors from India and abroad. We are the first custodian in India to offer services to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) and hold a ‘No Action Letter’ under Sec. 17f of US SEC Regulations enabling it to offer custody services to the US based funds.

  • Clearing & Settlement Services (Cash Segment)
    • Smooth Straight Through Processing (STP) systems with a choice of two reputed service providers, enabling the competitive advantage of efficient settlements.
    • Seamless monitoring and constant updates on failed trades and status (T+2 basis)
    • Daily verification of settlements (Normal/Auction), thus mitigating systemic risks.
    • Efficient fund transfer facilities offering flexibility of settlement of funds through wide panel of banks having RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) capabilities.
    • Effortless handling of residual trades in physical mode, since it has the necessary infrastructure in place.
  • Electronic & Physical Safekeeping Services
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  • Customised Reporting
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  • Premium Offerings
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  • Web-Delivery
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  • Technology
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  • Vaults
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  • Expert Personnel
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  • Asset Servicing
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  • Clearing Services (Futures and Options segment)
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  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
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  • Management, Infrastructure & Financials
    • Promoted by large Financial Institutions in India; StockHolding is a Government of India Company
    • Experienced Management committed to maintaining highest levels of ethics and integrity
    • Promoter of “National Stock Exchange"
    • Strong Financials with No Debt - Profit making and Dividend Paying company since inception
    • SWIFT integrated
  • Capability & Commitment
    • US SEC 17 f compliant; ability to service US based funds
    • Only non-bank custodian to be permitted by Reserve Bank of India to offer custody for Government debt (CSGL Account services).
    • STP enabled systems and trained Staff to execute large or complex trades.
    • Diverse Product and Service Offerings with high degree of flexibility and customization
    • Strong Market Advocacy, Client Centric, Technology driven, Multiple Products
    • Client satisfaction resulting in being rated as Market Outperformer & Category Outperformer in the Global Custody India Survey 2016
  • Focused on Compliance, Risk Mitigation & Service
    • Appropriate insurance coverage(including Global re-insurance) for clients assets
    • Longstanding diverse client relationships.
    • Internal Controls in place and related risk mitigation/ management infrastructure in place.
    • Deep understanding of local law and regulations, protocols.
    • Solutions facilitate asset segregation, inputs on account structure , taxation , regulations , reporting and disclosure.
    • Consistently delivers high quality service , in your time zone aiding faster resolution of client queries with our proactive approach.
    • Innovative Solutions with inbuilt flexibility to customize service parameters and reporting formats with stretched timelines.
    • Reliable and timely alerts with impact analysis on the regulatory changes.
  • Competitiveness and Leverage
    • Open architecture facilitates clients to choose from multiple service providers for banking, broking and taxation.
    • Transparent and Competitive pricing offers clients Value for Money.
  • First Asian Company to be bestowed with the prestigious ‘Smithsonian Award’ for ‘Visionary use of IT’
  • Computer Society of India Award - National IT Award for ‘Best IT Usage’
  • NSDL Award for ‘Largest Assets Under Custody’ for four consecutive years
  • Accreditations received from Global Custodian for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as ‘Market Outperformer & Category Outperformer’
  • Recognised as the ‘Best Custodian’ for 2018 by AIWMI
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Market advocacy and best practices

Unmatched flexibility

Deepest knowledge of the local securities market and regulations

Client support in their time zone

High ease of on-boarding with seamless transition and 'Go-Live'

Unique solutions through strategic alliances

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